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Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya is where luxury meets satisfaction on a stage of stunning tropical viewsa private white sand beach and exclusive saltwater snorkeling areas. Or, pack your appetite for opulence and hit Heaven — an elevated and exclusive retreat for adult guests only featuring a private adult beach, superlative amenities, and dining at its finest. Exclusive to adult guests, the central pool at Heaven is the perfect spot to grab some sun, lounge, or cool off with never-ending cocktails.

Enter the serene waters of private beach surrounded by the natural sea cove and enjoy all the Caribbean has to offer. Go in style with crystal blue waters, warm sand, and the perfect environment to snorkel, kayak, swim, and relax.

Enter the serene beauty of a private white sand beach nestled along the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Go in style with crystal blue waters, cool drinksand the perfect environment to snorkel, kayak, swim, and relax.

Enjoy endless water activities for all or just relax with a cool drink from the swim up bar and pool side service. My Account 0 Items. Here, we magnify, intensify, and straight up amplify the luxury with world-class shopping, magnificent pools, and opulent extras straight from the front row of paradise.

Take a lap or kick back with a cool drink. Features stunning beaches and pools, as well as a vast selection of restaurants and amenities. During the festival, family bookings are at a minimum. However, should you choose to attend with kids, it is nice to know that they have their own "exclusive" side of the resort.Currently in its 6th year, the festival is a 3 night event taking place October 29, 30, 31, with a Grand Finale night on November 1, The Cancun Jazz Festival is an All-inclusive festival which means your ticket not only includes the great entertainment it also includes your food and beverages, yes even the alcoholic beverages!

Please click here for more details. Yes, you will need a Passport. Unfortunately no. Since we buy out the entire resort, we only have enough seating to accommodate the guests who stay at the Hard Rock hotel. If you have already booked at another resort, please cancel and re-book through our website or call the box office.

Mexico Festivals 2020 - 2021 Calendar

Booking online is EASY! Click here to begin the booking process. Or if you would like to speak to a representative, please call our box office during business hours at Service fees cover the costs associated with running and servicing tickets sold for this event. Including but not limited to producing ticket stock, purchasing servers and computer equipment, the labor involved in answering calls and getting the event tickets to you and for maintaining outlet locations. These are the fees that help us get you your tickets.

All tickets have a service fee associated with them, this includes phone, internet, Box Office, and in-person transactions. The remaining payments will be divided up equally over the remaining months prior to the event, with the final payment due no later than October 1, Payments are due on pre-assigned dates each month. Additional terms and conditions will apply when you agree to enter into the payment plan.

The plan fee varies based on the total number of months being financed. Payments are automatic and evenly divided. No chance of forgetting to pay and being assessed a late fee. Payments are deducted every 30 days from the date of your purchase with final payments collected no later than October 1, However if you default i. If after 30 days you are unable to make your payments current, your seats will be unassigned.

cancun festival 2020

After 45 days we will reserve the right to cancel your reservation without a refund. If one of the payment plan Installments is unable to be processed, we will make a reasonable effort to contact you and give you time to resolve the issue.

If unresolved after 45 days, your order will be subject to cancellation without refund. The primary guest on the order is responsible for all payments for the order. If you intend on splitting the cost of the package with additional guests, you must arrange those split costs between yourselves. No problem! As long as items are available you can upgrade at any time and we can adjust your plan. Downgrades are not allowed. The first payment is processed at Checkout.

You will receive a reminder email 3 days prior to the charge. Depending on the room bed type, more than 2 guests may stay in the same room. If you wish to add a 3rd and 4th guest, you must book a Deluxe room with double beds. There are also a limited number of Deluxe rooms that connect as well as connecting Grand Sky Double Terrace rooms. We urge all of our guests to purchase travel insurance to protect their trip in the case of family or medical emergencies which may prevent you from attending.Cancun is mostly known for its vibrant and energetic fun scene, crowded beaches and endless nightlife.

However, Cancun also has a great offer of local, sporting and cultural events throughout the yearso if you are planning to travel to Cancun anytime inyou should definitely take a look at our list of what to do in Cancun, Isla Mujeres and the Riviera Maya that we have listed for you. The Grilling Bastards will be presenting a special grill course for meat lovers at Villa del Palmar Cancun on January 29 and Their courses are designed for those who want to learn grilling techniques and learn how to boost the flavor in meat.

Get ready to run in Cancun! Athletes can start registering to participate in the 5 km, 10 km and 20 km in different categories. If you are up for participating, you can register on the official website!

Chichen Itza is a magical place full of energy, which is why the Mayan culture built amazing temples and an observatory.


Known as the October Wellness Programour resort invites a number of inspiring wellness experts, yoga teachers, fitness coaches and lifestyle bloggers to take our guests on a wellness journey and help them stay physically fit even while enjoying their vacation.

Guests can participate in different activities offered daily including yoga, water sports, meditation and a variety of fun sessions to boost energy.

Take a look at what our guests experienced during October Wellnessand get to know some of our special guests! Both dishes are only prepared during these days. Local families, restaurants and shopping centers also build indoor altars with photos of their loved ones, with their favorite meals and drinks. For the Holidays, Villa del Palmar Cancun features a novel program of activities, including the traditional lightning of our Christmas Tree and the surprise visit of Santa Claus!

This circuit music festival will take over Playa del Carmen with iconic artists of the gay scene, with a magnificent line up, including Isaac Escalante, Erick Ibiza and Las Bibas from Vizcaya, among others. This fantastic music festival in the Riviera Maya will last 5 days, starting from January 29 to February 3rd, In between, some artists such as Chayanne, Reik and Manuel Turizo will be performing some of their greatest hits.

The upcoming Edition of the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will gather icons of Jazz music that will perform their greatest hits. An amazing outdoor experience with only the best of Jazz and the Caribbean breeze awaits! Here is a peek of what our guests enjoyed during the Holidays in ! Tell us what kind of activities you would like to enjoy while visiting Cancun?

Share this:. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Year after year, the minds of spring breakers are hijacked in ways that were never imagined possible. Come with us; let us take you into an exclusive dreamland.

From the moment you step off that plane in Cancun, you will become a part of our world…. The nightlife in Cancun is the foundation of Inception Music Festival, and where the majority of the Inception Fest headliners perform. Brace yourself to be blown away by the spectacular nightclubs in Cancun, all with state-of-the-art sound and visual production.

Cancun is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, providing an astounding backdrop for Inception Fest day parties. Inception by Day is not included in your Gold or Platinum Pass. Inception Fest artist announcements have started to roll out.

Stay tuned for more announcements to come. Together, StudentCity and Inception Music Festival have brought dozens of thousands of festival attendees to Cancun and delivered a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Traveling to Cancun with StudentCity ensures your access to all Inception Fest events and at the lowest price possible. This means that StudentCity travelers get first dibs on Inception Music Festival Party Packages, and there will be a limited supply leftover for the public after.

Please fill out the form to have a representative contact you, or feel free to give us a call! Inception by Night The nightlife in Cancun is the foundation of Inception Music Festival, and where the majority of the Inception Fest headliners perform. Inception by Day Cancun is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, providing an astounding backdrop for Inception Fest day parties.

cancun festival 2020

More info coming soon! Non StudentCity travelers must purchase tickets separately. Artists Lineup Inception Fest artist announcements have started to roll out.Unfortunately, we have reached the tipping point, and are forced to cancel Deja Voomwhich was scheduled to take place between March 25th and March 28th. The inherent risk not just to everyone on-site, but to your families, friends at home, neighbors and community membersis just too great for us to stage this event.

However, we are in the midst of an unprecedented moment and your health and safety are of paramount importance. Our gratefulness to you knows no bounds. We appreciate your patience through the last few weeks, but the most appropriate decision is the decision that we least wanted to make. Please note that refunds will be provided to all purchasers and more info will be released on this process in the coming days.

We would like to thank all parties involved who worked not only in the best interest of public safety, but also to deliver full refunds to each ticket-buyer: this was very difficult to pull off, but know that this is the right thing to do for our fans. You may direct all refund-related inquiries to dejavoom cidpresents. Thank you for your understanding. Sign up for updates!

Thank you for visiting! Sign up to receive the latest info and updates:.Upgrade from General Admission seating to any one of the following Reserved seating sections. Prices are total for 3 nights per person. The Hard Rock offers multiple upgrade options from the entry level Deluxe room. Prices are per room. We are pleased to offer Monthly Payment Plans for a nominal fee.

Pay in full and save the additional Payment Plan fees. We allow a day grace period from the date of your initial deposit to complete your full payment. All orders not paid in full within 30 days will automatically converted to a payment plan.

All customers pay a per person service fee. If there is a catastrophic incident ex. Customers unable to attend alternate dates will have the option to transfer all of their funds to another Music Getaways event with a one category upgrade room or seats.

For all other incidences ex. This must be purchased separately through a 3rd party, usually within 21 days of your original booking date. Unlike other events, we do allow the option to transfer funds to another event should your plans change.

We also offer a re-sale program for those that are willing to sell their packages at a discounted rate, rather than forfeiting. Email us for further details. Be sure to read the detailed terms and conditions prior to purchase to ensure that you fully understand your rights as a consumer.

Available on pay in full orders only. Remaining balance is due within 25 days of initial purchase, but no later than 60 days prior to the event. You have made a big investment in your vacation — protect your investment with just a small fee and protect yourself from many occurrences such as flight delays or cancelations.

My Account 0 Items. SolFest Info. General Open Seating. Bronze Reserved. Silver Reserved. Gold Reserved. Platinum Reserved.

Diamond Reserved. Deluxe Included. Sky Terrace Upgrade Amount. Grand Sky Terrace Upgrade Amount. Suite Upgrade Amount. Group D Included. Buildings 7, 8, 9 Hacienda side of resort. Group A Upgrade Amount. Group B Upgrade Amount. Group C Upgrade Amount. Courtyard Upgrade Amount. Stageview Upgrade Amount.Getty Mexico does not have many reported cases of coronavirus. A lot of people have family in Mexico or were just planning a trip to Mexico. Mexico News Daily reported on March 30 that the Cancun airport has become a nightmare to navigate, with long lines, frightened travelers, and people unable to make it on flights.

In Texas, the Austin Public Health Department confirmed it was investigating a large cluster of positive cases in spring breakers who had traveled to Cabo San Lucas. Mexico does have cases of coronavirus, although relatively few compared to some other countries.

In addition, people come to resort towns like Cancun and Playa del Carmen from all over the world, including European countries that are now in lock down mode because of escalating cases of coronavirus. Mexico has started closing some larger events, extending school break, and restricting spectators at soccer games.

cancun festival 2020

As always, safety decisions are a personal choice you must make in consultation with your own doctor, but proper research is a good idea with an eye toward the risks. Be aware that you might get stuck there.

One might offer this advice to ponder: Why risk it? However, some people worry that could make coronavirus explode once or if it takes further root in Mexico. Furthermore, the U. However, Mexico is slowly getting serious about coronavirus. It just installed sanitary filters with thermal imaging cameras in the international arrival areas in Cancun. The cameras measure body temperature since coronavirus is often accompanied by a fever. Andalou Agency reported on March 16, that coronavirus cases are continuing to increase in Mexico.

The site reported on that date that there were 53 confirmed and suspected cases of coronavirus in Mexico. By April 1, there were 1, confirmed cases with at least 28 deaths from coronavirus in Mexico. As of March 16,there were four cases of coronavirus reported in Quintana Roo.

Some of those infected came to Mexico from Spain, according to Milenio. Cancun, Mexico. However, many Americans simply fly into areas like Cancun, and some experts believe that Mexico needs the tourism dollars too much to actually make good on the border-closing notion.

You have a vulnerable, displaced community in poor living conditions without access to health care, where food is communal and housing is communal. Major resorts, such as Iberostar Selection Cancun, have updated their cancellation policies and sent travelers alerts about coronavirus.

Specific procedures have been defined in case of suspected or confirmed infection. Total commitment to fulfil any regulations prioritizing your health and wellbeing.

Inception Spring Break Festival (Mexico)

Downtown Cancun on March 14, School break was extended and events over 5, people should be postponed, Mexico has decided.

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