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Recently bought this item on Amazon. I bought it just to have it in case and also for Halloween. Anyway, it came with a green 40mm Nato Filter. Although I doubt this. My questions for anyone who has this or knows about it:.

More things movies and games get wrong about gas masks

If not to the above Q's, wheres a good 40mm filter I can get that is Obviously compatible with this mask? It came with a drinking tube, how is that safe?

Since it was made in the 80's, is the mask or filter made with any harmful chemicals or substances like asbestos? Hm, don't know why. I'll repost it.

BTW, u know where I can get a compatible canteen? Thaks everyone! Especially Wraeth! Anyone know where I can get an NBC suit to go with it. I was aware you need the suit too, I was just wondering if it really filtered that stuff. Easiest way to do it The drinking tube is safe, just make sure you keep it and the canteen cap clean.

Most masks are made out of rubber, elastic, and plastic. With just a mask you are only really protected from tear gas. No you can not reseal it. It creates an airtight seal which allows you to hydrate without fear of contamination.

What is the Best Asbestos Respirator?

But since it is so old, more than likely the seals have degraded and if the filter has been open that long, there is no way it is still good. Many nbc agents are inhalents only. Saying it 'only' works with an nbc suit is not only incorrect, it's dissuading people from purchasing such an an item. Nerve agents are inhalents But here's the real problem: fitting. I work in an area where I have to wear a mask and I had to go in for some training so I put the mask on properly and it fit as well as it could.

If you do not get that mask with a tight, proper fit, you are dead. The bigger question is why you need one in your life or work or part of your life I sometimes have to deal with noxious chemicals.

Admittedly, my mask is for fumes and nothing as pernicious as lethal gas, but still, I question the safety of it as well. Ur gonna make this guy pay more then he should?

A reg 40 filter is about 6 hours of life when some more expensive ones are 12 hour, but I wouldn't trust that, but they deff last longer then 30 mins it all depends on how hard chemicals are and humidity in air. My questions for anyone who has this or knows about it: 1.Would it be safe to use just to wear and show friends? It will not hurt you but it will not work as advertised.

You might find it harder to inhale and exhale thru it so if you got a bit of claustrophobia it might freak you out.

Is a expired NATO filter safe?

All filters contain Paper To filter out Alpha radiationActivated Carbon To filter out any other poison, depending on the grade of carbonand a regular mesh to keep the contents inside. Filters have different grades, all depending on what you use them against for. If these filters expire, all of them are only good for just aerosols, being worst I have tested them against for is lead - short exposure.

There are filters that do indeed contain asbestos - but were halted in use for filters since the 's - 's due to it's effects on health.

With this filter, in particular - it is made within the 's to 90's and is safe to use. There are also filters that, if expired, are hazardous to re-use as surplus mainly because of it containing Chromium - which, in it's life, is used to add quality to the carbon mixture to enhance filtration. This model, in particular is the U. C2A1 mark filter - when expired, activated carbon breaks down, which also breaks chromium off the carbon mixture.

This filter is cased in tin, and usually comes with M40 gas masks. With my personal experience with this mask and many more types: Yes, I have used mine for costumes as well - even with the filter attached. They are also perfect for spray painting and dense smoke, and all these days of usage - I have absolutely no problems with my lungs. Additionally, this mask is an Israeli Civilian Model 4 mask. This mask will fit you great, although not as comfortable as it's face's design is hard on the face.

All other problems, none - it seals perfectly, provided you have the right size fitted. Do not used expired filters. Without expertise and research you have no clue what they are made of or how they degrade. Noah Smith. But basically i was wondering if a expired NATO filter would harm me. If i could wear it for a novelty.

How to tell if it has abets. And if i could wear the expired filter with mask around the house for show. Any help? Answer Save. USAFisnumber1 Lv 7.

This is absolutely safe to wear, and will actually protect you. On the other hand, other filter canisters are safe to use - even if expired. Hope this helps!Many people in Eastern and Central Europe due to either lack or price gouging of N95 or FPP2 masks have got an idea to check their basements for that stashed old Gas Masks from the previous republics, the one their father or grandfather had after service in the military.

Also many young adults have been fast to use the same re-discovered equipment in order to Cheeki Breeki as seen in the famous Stalker and Metro PC games. However here is the thing, while the filtered gas mask will help and offer a more than a decent protection from Coronavirus particles flying around the air and it will prevent them to enter in your eyes, mouth or land anywhere on your face, there is one completely different danger.

The filters on these masks might be lethal for your health and induce you a lung cancerwhile you think you are protecting yourself. It is a copy of the U. M-9 gas mask. It is OD green in color, and has a side-loading canister which uses a 60mm opening. The M-1 is not very common in the United States, as few were imported as surplus.

There are different versions of the mask, MC-1 civilian versionM-1 civilian version but with oral nasal cup, and some things in the bag are different and the M the military version. It was issued to the Soviet population starting in ; production ended in It is a lightweight mask, weighing 1. In OctoberDixon Information found out that the cotton layer of the filter contains 7.

However, if the masks were made afterthey use activated charcoal. It is not advised to use the filters, as the case is made with a percentage of lead which slowly degrades into the filter, along with many other chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

The mask also tightly clings to the skin of the head, and so may be uncomfortable for those with all but the shortest hair. After Cold War it was replaced in Czech by M Since M13 filters did. Filters and filter screw caps are assumed to not contain asbestos, but the filters contain hexavelant chromium, which is hazardous if breathed in. It was destined for Polish Army and Civil Defense, but adopted only by the second formation and used till the end of Cold War.

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Please log in to reply. Posted 14 November - AM Hey yall, I recently got a M17 gas mask and I wanted to know, do the cheek filters contain any asbestos? Posted 14 November - AM From my previous research, the M13 series of filters contain no asbestos. The M13 and M13A1 filters are relatively hard to find in good condition, so most sellers are offering the later M13A2 filters. Be mindful though, as the M13A2 contains hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.

It was added to stop cyanide gas, but was removed from modern filters because of the risk of leaking. Pragmatically, the M13A2 filters are considered safe by the government as long as they have no leaks, and further testing from the Department of Defense have shown that the level of hex chrome inside is so small that even if the filter was cut open in the mask, it would take years of exposure to cause any significant risk.

While I have no authority to tell you that you can wear them, they are generally considered safe. Hope this helps! Posted 14 November - AM Alright, I guess one could assume that the later series probably wont have any.

Thank you. Dan No, I just have the M17 and dont plan on using it for actual protection. Im just curious in case I want to wear it for every once and a while and I think it still has the original filters.

I just want to make sure Im not breathing in anything dangerous. Sign In Need an account? Register now!

I've forgotten my password.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.Please see details below. This thread was getting too long and too much of a pain for me to read when a new question was asked. So here are the new instructions:. To ask a new question, please open a new thread with the name of the filter if you know it otherwise, open a thread with the title unknown filter NUMBER with the following contents:.

Any filter markings if present, and if so, please write them down and not just photos of them. What colour is the filter? Usually, you can tell by the colour if it's the older 'coffee can' filter or the newer civilian filters, denoted by an off green colour. I have some good news, the GP-5's filter port, is a 40mm fitting. So, most modern filters can be used instead of the original filter, if there are serious concerns over the filter's safety.

What if my filter was damaged. Not being an expert in the field of what asbestos smells like or activated charcoal for that matterI can't say for certain. If the filter is damaged, you'll likely notice, just look closely at it, if you can see anything black inside the filter intake in the case of activated charcoal then the intake's damaged and the filter SHOULD NOT be used. EditorUK talk.

m11 gas mask filter asbestos

Anther thing! And what mask or filters should i avoid? Iv just started to collect gas-mask and iv only got one so far As for which GasMask is the 'best' really comes down to what reason you want it for, collection, fetish I don't judge - everyone has their vices or for protection purposes. Filters carry an expiry date on them if they're still in their original packaging - As for the useful length, it varies heavily depending on the enviromental conditions - Contamination, type of contamination and ambient conditions.

As far as I know, under 'normal' operating conditions, a gp7v's filters will probably last a few hours before requiring replacement. Just like EditorUK said. When stored, filters can go for years depending on the type and manufacturer. When in use, it depends on several factors, what type of threat and the concentration. Typically the activated carbon part will saturate first ahead of the particulate filter.

Up to 8 hours or less or even just a few minutes if the gas concentration is really that high for the carbon filter. For the particulate filter, you can use it until the breathing resistance becomes noticeably higher which will indicate saturation; the higher means it's time to replace the filter.

m11 gas mask filter asbestos

Again, it depends on the threat and concentration. The GP7's filters are 40mm thread fitting, meaning it can be any number of filters, if it the original filter, it will have a date Usually a year stamped on the side - This is the expiration date.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 11 October - PM. I tried to go through the reference material, but most of the pictures are unavailable because the links have been disabled. The couple of pictures I could see would indicate this is an unopened case with a canister for the M5 Assault Gas Mask D-Daybut I couldn't find anything which would tell me for sure.

I would appreciate any help. If its the E3 marked filter I believe these were the early ones for the M5 assault mask. The E3 is marked on the flat filter body. They later ones are marked M The are a very dark grey painted and dated The M11s are a lighter grey.

There are several threads on the forum on the M5 mask. THis said most of these filters are quite common and readily avaialble These filters will interchange on the late WW2 and the post war M9 series. Unless you want a WW2 dated one they are a good replacement for display if missing one on an M5. One vendor at Iola had a wooden case of these.

THere were either 24 0r 48 in the wood case and all were still wax sealed. Is it possible for you to post pictures of your sealed case, and a picture of the marking?

The neoprene M5 Assault Gas Mask was composed of a modified M3 gas mask facepiece with a cheek-mounted canister, eliminating the hose. During experimentation it was known as the E6 mask and E3 canister filter. Upon standardization, it became the M5 faceplate and M11 canister.

The rubberized cotton duck fabric bag for this mask was designated the M7 carrier. Production of the M Assault Gas Mask began in but soon was halted due to problems in the field. In cold temperatures the neoprene became stiff or rigid making it impossible to achieve a good fit. The production process had difficulties with molding the neoprene and was finally stopped as the failure rate became too great.

Aboutof the M5 gas mask were issued during and they were popular when used under the right conditions. The M7 carrier, the waterproof bag, was worn on the chests of soldiers arriving by landing craft or was strapped to the thigh of paratroopers.

The air in the M7 carrier made the bag a float, credited with saving the lives of soldiers who were dropped into deep water. With the failure of the M5 gas mask, the CWS needed a replacement. Inthe M8 Snout Mask appeared as an interim solution. I pick two of these filter up off ebay that the seller was selling them from a WWII crate and open one and sold it to a friend. If you don't need it for a gas mask keep it sealed.Order by:. Available to:. Face mask filter.

Filter, Kit. Condition: Never used. But been in military storage for many years. We only accept Please make sure you have a valid PayPal account prior bidding. Please pay for your item within 5 days of the auction end time.

What is the Best Asbestos Respirator?

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