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Register - Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. It looks like we may have a release window for Street Fighter 6a game Capcom hasn't officially confirmed or announced, but that is surely in some form of development.

street fighter 6

More specifically, it looks like the next installment in the iconic fighting game series is coming inwhich would make it a PS5, PCand Xbox Series X game. It may not come to all of these specific platforms, but you get the point: it would be a next-gen release. Word of the potential release window actually comes from Capcom itself. This seemingly means that there will be a Capcom ProTour inwhich heavily suggests a new entry in the series will drop around this time.

For example, the winner of the Capcom Cup in did not auto-qualify for Capcom Cupthe year Street Fighter 5 hit.

street fighter 6

This confirms that there will be a Capcom ProTour inand also possibly hints that SF6 will come out in Of course, it's possible this is some other Capcom fighting game, such as Street Fighter vs.

Tekkena new Marvel vs Capcom or even a new Darkstalkers. A new Street Fighter is the most likely option, but it's certainly possible a new Marvel vs. Capcom could land, especially given how big Marvel is right now. It's also possible this could have nothing to do with a new game. Capcom could simply be changing the rules of the Capcom Cup.

In other words, maybe going forward previous Capcom Cup winners won't auto-qualify the following year. Again, this doesn't seem likely, but it's surely possible. Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two or thirty-seven letting us know what you think.

What fighting game do you want to see from Capcom next? Remember me on this device Login.

street fighter 6

Movies Arrow. TV Arrow. Gaming Arrow. Games Arrow.Microsoft dropped the bomb on Sunday with their official reveal of Project Scarlett, the next generation console for Xbox. While we don't know a whole lot beyond the idea that "it's gonna be real fast," our main concern here is the holiday season of release date, and how that might line up with an all new big-time fighting game entry from Capcom.

Nothing is set in stone at this very early stage in the process, but some reading of the tea leaves based on Capcom's past patterns for major fighting game releases like Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom entries. We're not currently expecting much Capcom fighting game news to come out of E3 this year, as the plan is only to have some Street Fighter League exhibitions and Ono autograph sessions.

The eccentric game developer and his trusty Blanka doll drew specific attention to the Scarlett reveal on Twitterexpressing excitement and using a winking face multiple times. Ono is perfectly in his rights to be excited about the next generation Xbox console, and the slightly mischievous air that comes with using the aforementioned emoji doesn't necessarily indicate any additional meaning beyond hype in the moment, but said moment does seem to be worth taking a snap shot of just in case it's something of a hint about what's to come.

Click images for larger versions. Street Fighter 5 is likely past the halfway point in terms of its competitive lifespan. We get that conclusion from the fact that the promise was support for the game up toas well as Capcom's bare bones approach here in at least thus far in the way of DLC content release.

We also know that the company is planning on going full throttle in the eSports departmentand that Street Fighter is the flagship franchise with which they aim to achieve this.

This leads us to believe that a new Street Fighter is more likely than a new Marvel, especially considering SF5's vs. MvCI's release dates. We can look back over the timeline for console and Capcom fighting game releases to scan for any patterns. It's important to remember that getting earlier titles from arcades to consoles was not as big a priority as it is in recent times.

Street Fighter 3, for instance, dropped in but wasn't ported to Dreamcast for a full two years. While we don't see much of a pattern emerge in terms of when Capcom drops titles in relation to when new consoles come out, we do see that February is easily the hottest month for Street Fighter titles.

Capcom: Infinite - September We have yet to hear from Sony when exactly the PlayStation 5 will arrive, but now that Microsoft has officially started warming us up for the next era, their competition surely won't be far behind.

You'll notice a lot of "November" for console releases, and that's surely because of the holiday season. We suspect Sony's latest will more than likely hit shelves sometime around when Scarlett is released. Capcom also has its Pro Tour to figure into the equation now.

If support for SF5 ends at the end ofthe company can run one more Pro Tour with this current title and then launch the next franchise entry in early for that year's Tour. So that seems to be the best bet given the information we have at this point in time. Things could certainly change between now and early and Capcom is not at all shy about throwing total curve balls, so keep this all filed under total speculation. That said, how accurate a reading of the figurative tea leaves do you think this is?

Let us know your predictions and any further commentary you may have in the comments below. Tournament Results. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Super Smash Bros. Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Mortal Kombat Tekken 7. Samurai Shodown. News and features. Capcom fighters. Capcom vs. When's Street Fighter 6? What Microsoft's late new console release might mean for Capcom's next big fighting game Or Marvel Street Fighter V was one of the most impressive redemption arcs that a game has been through this gen — will a sequel fare better at launch?

The developer and publisher has had an astonishing run of games over the last few years, from impressive successes with the Resident Evil franchise, to a successful resurrection of Devil May Cry.

Monster Hunter World has allowed the series to break through into the mainstream we never thought that would happen! But what's next for the world-famous fighting game? Capcom has yet to announce any formal plans for what's coming next, but there's certainly some evidence out there to suggest something is in the works. Thanks to a statement from Capcom init stands to reason that Street Fighter 6 could already be in development.

Following the Grand Finals at Capcom Cup in mid-DecemberCapcom announced that there would be some changes to the tournament for and beyond: the studio announced that this year's champion will not automatically qualify for the competition. This is notable because the same thing happened back inwhen the champion didn't automatically qualify because Street Fighter V was only a few months out by the time the tournament took place. Back in Julythough, Street Fighter developer and face of the brand Yoshinori Ono tweeted that the game wasn't even in the works yet — or something to that effect, at least.

To that end, we're expecting Street Fighter 6 or VI to release fairly early on in the next generation. The series migrated to the RE Engine will be something truly special — Street Fighter V already looked amazing and supported by a similar art style in the new engine with the potential for 8K graphics and no loading times Capcom should have something very special on its hands.

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El Chapo Sinaloa Cartel soldiers have declared their presence in the western Mexican state of Nayarit. Top Stories.With that in mind, many will assume that Street Fighter 6 isn't far away. After nearly four years on the market, some fans are predicting yet another significant turn for the franchise.

While E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia have since made their way into the fray, Street Fighter die-hards are looking forward to another installment in the series and the return of other classic characters - or perhaps, the introduction of new ones.

Street Fighter 6 Delayed To 2022, Capcom Not Happy With Development, Says Insider

Here are the features and changes fans want to see in Street Fighter 6. While Street Fighter V boasts a sizeable roster as of Season 4, fans are still eagerly awaiting the addition of familiar faces. There's seemingly endless possibilities. With M. Will Bison ever choose a suitable body, or is he permanently sealed in the Street Fighter annals of history?

Perhaps young Sean will be the main protagonist, in place of Ryu.

Street Fighter 6: Features And Changes Fans Want To See In SF6

Follow us on Twitter for the latest SFV news. Tweet us what you'd like to see in Street Fighter 6! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

For more information, see our Cookie Policy. All prices listed were accurate at the time of publishing. GfinityEsports employs cookies to improve your user experience.

Our cookie policy reflects what cookies and tracking technologies are used on GfinityEsports. Sign Up. Ginni Lou. Who do fans want to see in SFVI? How will SFVI change up the fighting game scene? Cookies for GfinityEsports GfinityEsports employs cookies to improve your user experience.Street Fighter 5 has been out now for nearly four years and still going strong.

Even though the game received glaring reviews from the criticsbut the community, on the other hand, was quite divisive when it came to the fifth iteration of the popular fighting game series.

Street Fighter 6 Release Window Possibly Revealed

Fans have been asking Capcom to make a bunch of changes to the game, one of which is changing the online net code for a lag-free multiplayer experience, but so far, Capcom has not altered the multiplayer experience at all. Some of the community members are waiting for Street Fighter 6, assuming that Capcom will listen to their feedback and make necessary changes to the next game, including an improvement to the net code.

It looks like fans might finally get their wishes with a new Street Fighter game. Although it may not come out on both the platforms, it certainly would be a next-gen console release. The Capcom Cup champion will not be auto-qualified for Capcom Cup This confirms that there will be a Capcom ProTour inand also possibly hints that SF6 will come out in Usually, the winner of the Capcom Cup gets a free entry to the next Capcom Cup.

Now, this does not mean that Street Fighter 6 will definitely come out, it could be another game including but not limited to Marvel Vs. CapcomDarkstalkersor even Tekken Vs. Street Fighter. Dilawar is a gaming fanatic and a hardcore fighting-game fan. He also loves or used to love his Xboxes before giving up his beloved Xbox One and moving onto gaming PC. He's part of the PC Master race now, and he's finally realized his ascension above the average-gamer. If he's not writing the latest happenings in the gaming world, then you will find him on some obscure forums talking about his love for colognes, shaving, and other "manly" products.

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Street Fighter 6 will be handled by ‘new generation’ as Yoshinori Ono quits Capcom

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Street Fighter 6 Delay Leaks \u0026 Rumors! Ono Is Leaving Capcom? News Update For SFV

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