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This vent will compliment your home with its clean look and finish. Colors :. Popular for contractors with new construction or homeowners installing new siding, this vent is the most accommodating.

The best choice for homes and apartments with new vent installations. Our dual door design adapted for under-eaves installation. With its fully-closed design and removable bottom panel, vent maintenance has never been easier. The best choice for people looking to install a pest-free intake for a furnace room, utility room, or fireplace. It also decreases drafts to reduce heating and cooling costs. Customer Testimonial Read All Testimonials.

I have installed them on about homes, and I guarantee each one to my customers, that if a bird is ever able to get into the vent pipe through this vent cove I will happily come out and remove the nest at no charge for as long as they live in the house. Not even one of those customers has called me to say that a bird or any other pest has managed to get into the vent pipe! This is far and away the most effective pest-proof vent cover I have found, and these covers do not use any kind of screen or cage to keep the birds out, so it cannot become clogged with lint and is therefore much safer to use than a screen or cage.

Every home should have the No-Pest Vent if there are any birds living in the vicinity of the home. Thank you P-tec Products Inc.

under eave vent cover

Keep pests out of your home with the No-Pest Vent. Shop No-Pest Vents. Wide Mount Vent Rated 5. Ideal for new and replacing a previous vent because the larger mount covers damage or discoloration on siding. Rated 5. Product Features Read more on How it Works. Keep Out Pests Our exclusive dual door design prevents pests like birds, rodents and insects from entering your home. Save Money With best-in-class airflow, the No-Pest Vent increases appliance efficiency and cuts energy costs.

Safer Home The No-Pest Vent reduces lint build up and meets code safety requirements, unlike screens or mesh designs. I own and operate a Dryer Vent Wizard franchise and have been installing these vents for the past 3 and a half years since I started my business.

under eave vent cover

About Us P-tec Products, Inc.Roof ventilation is based around the idea of removing existing air in the roof space which requires access to replacement air. However, although a certain amount of air is available via such openings — once you install a roof ventilator and start removing hot or moist air from the roof space — you will find that the restrictions in the incoming air will reduce the effectiveness of your roof ventilator dramatically.

If you only have a single whirlybird — the difference may not be noticeable.

CertainTeed® Intake Vent

However, if you have a high capacity roof ventilator — e. Normally, the most effective way of ensuring enough air is available for your roof ventilator is by installing eave vents. Eave vents are vents with holes, which are mounted under your eaves to let the air enter your roof space, whilst preventing birds, insects, from entering. Eave vents are available in many different varieties, materials shapes a sizes.

Here are a couple of links to videos showing how you can install eave vents:. If you have a roof with gables — you may also consider installing gable vents — as an alternative to eave vents. Eave Vents — necessary for effective roof ventilation? There are two main reasons for installing eave vents: Heat removal in order to reduce the heat load on the interior of the building Moisture removal from roof space Roof ventilation is based around the idea of removing existing air in the roof space which requires access to replacement air.

What are eave vents? Here are a couple of links to videos showing how you can install eave vents: If you have a roof with gables — you may also consider installing gable vents — as an alternative to eave vents. We may put up another post about this alternative at a later stage!We carry a full line-up of the finest commercial and residential roof vent and attic ventilation products - all tested in extreme climates.

under eave vent cover

Our venting products include the fire stopping " Vulcan Vents " for all types of house vents, Accuvent interior-attic vent baffles, gable vents, retrofit base flashings for all roof vents, soffit, foundation and eave designs; solar powered roof vents, Ridge Vents and VariaVents for Tiles roofs, bathroom exhaust roof vents, flat roof vents, Eave Vents, Under-eave Ventsroof vent flashings, box vents, t-top ventshouse roof vents, solar powered wholehouse and garage ventsdryer venting, bath vents, laundry vents, kitchen hood vents, dryer roof vents and other roof vent systems.

How much venting do I need? See Vent Calculations for further detail. We are happy to drop-ship orders right to your job site. Be sure to call for special pricing on large-job orders, custom roof vents or to discuss an item you do not find in our online catalog. Email Sales bestmaterials.

EV SSL. Log-In Log-Out. Catalogs Directory. Show More Popular Products and Suppliers:. Shop with Peace of Mind! An unfinished attic builds up a tremendous amount of heat, and if that heated air has no place to escape, it can make the inside of the house much warmer or cause an air conditioning system to work much harder to cool the house.

There are a wide variety of sources of moisture in a home, from the building materials themselves to normal everyday activities. For example cooking, bathing and washing clothes all release gallons of water vapor into the air. That vapor isn't a problem inside the average home because the temperature inside the home is warmer than outside for much of the year. Warm air holds more moisture in the form of water vapor than cool air. The problem is that vapor gradually works its way out of the living area and into the structure.

As warm, moist air cools, the vapor begins to condense into water droplets. If that happens inside an unfinished attic, for example, it can get insulation and framing materials wet.

That not only reduces the value of your insulation but can cause mold, mildew and rot. Building codes specify the minimum amount of attic ventilation needed in a new home to prevent winter moisture buildup, but your summer needs are much greater. Also, older homes were often built with inadequate attic ventilation at least by today's standards and may need to be retrofitted with proper attic ventilation.

A good attic ventilation system is designed for summer needs and moisture. It includes two types of vents: intake vents are placed along the soffit to allow fresh air into the attic, and exhaust vents are installed in the upper third of the roof to allow attic air to escape.The Dragon EV and EV Eave Vents have had much success in overcoming venting problems and maintenance issues for everyday Homeowners to the largest builders in Australia.

About Our Eave Vents When all your exhaust fans are vented through the eaves, there is no need for silicon and penetrations through your roof cover and underlays, meaning your home stays completely watertight. Eaves venting is the perfect solution if you are considering installing solar panels on your new or existing home. Please see the benefits and Gallery.

Our Eave vents are manufactured with Australian products and are specifically designed and tested to be meet the extraction pressure requirements of all ceiling and kitchen exhaust systems.

The Dragon EV Eave Vent is single inlet vent installed on the underside of the eaves of your home and are great for venting kitchen rangehoods or a ceiling exhaust fan. The EV Eaves Vent is dual outlet vent, which is installed on the underside of the eaves of your home. The great advantage of the EV is that there can be two appliances vented through the one vent — such as a toilet fan and a shower fan.

under eave vent cover

There is a unique diverter plate between two outlets in the vent that stops any cross contamination of effluents from toilets, showers…etc. These vents are also a great choice for those looking to DIY, those who have solar panels to maintain or for people who want to refrain from penetrating through their roof cover and underlay to install roof vents.

No more dead flies and insect carcasses rotting on top of rangehood filters above the cooking area. A very common problem in Australia. Bush fire embers can carry in the wind for kilometres. The design of all Dragon venting systems stops the embers entering the home and the only product fitted with Bush fire mesh that enhances the air flow rather than restricting the air flow like the standard mush room style roof vents which are not designed to be retro-fitted with bushfire mesh or perforated holes.

Increases Solar cell efficiency. The Dragon Eaves and wall vents eliminate the need for roof vents to be used when solar panels are installed on new homes. Solar power is a fast-growing industry and the panels are fitted around existing roof vents on all established and new homes. It is estimated that the average oven and rangehood deposits 4. This can lead to stained, messy and unhygienic food preparation surfaces.

A rangehood will ensure your cooking area remains healthier and cleaner. The roof vents being supplied to the industry exhaust the household cooking fats and effluents directly down on the roof and covers solar panels with cooking effluents. Grease can only be removed with detergents which is specifically stated a product that cannot be used to clean the glass on the panels. Solar panels can have the dust removed by rain or a garden hose but cooking fats cannot. Over a five-year period over 20 liters of cooking fats will coat the solar panels and roof cover creating an inefficient power system for the consumer caused by cheaply made, badly designed and ineffective and non-conforming roof vents.

Energy efficient housing is the future of the building industry and moving forward the Dragon venting systems is the perfect option to lead the way in efficient and hygienic household venting for the modern home.

As there is no restriction to the exhaust system, there is less chance of mould breeding. Our products solve the mould problem which has been prevalent in the industry for years. The consumer then must spend more money to correct the problem caused by the industry being supplied with cheaply made, badly designed and ineffective and non-conforming roof vents. Our products are on par, cost-wise with replacing ineffective venting products currently supplied to the industry.

The industry and consumers will have an efficient venting system that actually works and save money for the Builders and specifically, their after-sales maintenance departments and the consumer will benefit the most with an energy-efficient stylish venting system. Contact Home Venting Solutions Today We offer these vents either on their own, or as part of a specialised kit for your application needs.

Every home is different, with different aesthetics and requirements, but one thing we know for sure is that your modern home deserves a modern roof vent.

Discount Roof Vents, Eave Vents, Foundation & Attic Vents

Contact us today to find out more about our home venting solutions for your modern home. Eave Vents.All of our EZRvents are designed to look great and be quick and simple to install while maintaining or improving air flow requirements for your home.

No crawling under the house or in attic to install. Rusted out foundation and garage vent before replacement creates vector pest rat problem.

EZRvent Easy to install foundation garage vent replacement solution to pest and air flow problems. Designed by a construction guy who was in need of simple to install and higher grade house vents.

No crawling under the house or in attic to install EZRvent replacement vents. Each easy home replacement vent comes complete with everything you need to install a professionally finished look. With the use of a screwdriver, you are ready to go in minutes. As seen in our video, installation is quick and easy; requiring low effort, standard tools, and low skilled labor to produce a high value finished solution.

Replace those old rusted out Upper and Lower vents in the garage, foundation, and surrounding areas to prevent pests from entering. Whether they are rodents mice, rats, squirrelssnakes, bees, or other critters, our EZRvents will keep your home protected. No crawling under the house or in attic to install for a better looking and more cost effective then installing bare mesh when including time and labor.

Call us at Installing EZRvents is an easy way to replace and upgrade rusted out foundation vents, garage vents, and attic eave vents that are in need of replacement for active or preventative pest control exclusion with the added benefit of adding an upgraded finished look to your job.

Installing EZRvents is a significant net savings cost advantage per job even when compared to installin [ Painting and Home Improvement Contractors are finding Replacement Vent Products are an easy way to add another revenue stream to their business. Installing EZRvents is an easy way to replace and upgrade rusted out foundation vents, garage vents, and attic eave vents that are in need of replacement on older homes or to add a finished look to your job on newer homes as an upgrade [ FV Product Page.

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Eave Vents

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Careers Careers.CertainTeed Intake Vent provides continuous intake airflow at the roof's edge and provides proper intake ventilation for homes with little or no overhang. It's a roof-top installed, shingle-over intake vent that can be used to supplement existing soffit or undereave vents. CertainTeed Ridge Vent combined with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vent, are the most efficient and effective systems you can install.

Benefits Easily installs on the roof's edge Roof-top installation eliminates overhead with soffits and undereaves Located tabs on the underside of the CertainTeed Intake Vent assist with positioning the vent over the slot Co-polymer construction. Internal baffles, drainage system and weather filter provide 3 levels of weather protection Integrated end plug on both ends of vent provide a finished appearance and weather protection Each vent has 9 sq.

Applying a roof system correctly is essential to the warranty and performance of the roof. Please refer to the installation instructions for complete details. Available in English, Spanish and French.

EZ Soffit Vent™ Installation - Brought to You by Panasonic

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